Alternative Investments

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Alternative investments are usually restricted to either the very wealthy or to those who have specific knowledge. They are usually highly risky investments which may or may not yield high returns. They tend to be illiquid ie your money is usually tied in for a specific period of time or they not easily sold on. Examples are

– Hedge funds

– Private equity funds

– Art

– Wines, jewels

Gold is another alternative investment which is now accessible via funds and so can form part of your portfolio should you wish. Gold is supposed to be a hedge against the market but that’s not always true. And stocks have outperformed gold.

These are less likely to form part of your portfolio in the beginning so for now we will park these investments.

That ends the January bootcamp but there is still heaps to get through so I will post once or twice a week on sustainable wealth going forward. But it’s time to mix it up with other posts now too!


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