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You are on the road to financial freedom. It really is attainable. And you are doing really well, regardless of what stage of the journey you are at.


Day 4 – ANALYSE – today analyse your SPENDING habits and see if there is anything you could cut back on now or on the future. For example

– The Sales are on. Are you making considered purchases? Do you really need what you are buying? Sometimes waiting 24 hours before you make the purchase can help before you buy

– How about throw away fashion? Not only is it non sustainable or eco-friendly, but it probably won’t last the season.

– How many take outs are you getting? Could you home cook instead for some of them or save on your coffee takeouts in order to buy an espresso machne?

– Do you smoke? Could you possibly cut down to save money –  admittedly during a pandemic that may be very hard!

– How about tv and magazine subscriptions? I couldn’t do without my Netflix subscription at the moment for example but am considering giving up my eircom.


Perhaps there is nothing you can cut back on at the moment, and that is fine too. This exercise is to make you more aware of your spending habits and asks you to take the time to look at what your NEEDS are and what your WANTS are. For example “Yes I want to buy that new handbag but I need to pay off my mortgage/loan/debt etc.”


Keep track of your spending daily for the next few weeks and see if there is a pattern. Think about if there is anything you can change now or in the future.


And when you do change a pattern, remember to REWARD yourself. It need not cost anything – it could be a warm bubble bath, time to yourself (this is probably the hardest for me to get, so the most valuable reward to myself!), a walk in the woods or by the sea.


So be GENTLE with yourself. This wealth mindset can take months to achieve so do whatever you can today, no matter how small, to get on that road. But take that step.


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