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Day 5 – Goals – where your mind goes, energy flows. If you are finding sticking to this bootcamp difficult to fit in, today’s action can be done in the car, while cooking your food etc. Today let’s focus on your wealth and money goals.


Each of this weeks actions are building blocks, putting stone upon stone until you have built the wealth situation you want but what is that situation, what is it you want?


Take some time today to think about where you would like your finances to be in the short, medium and long term. What is important to you and how does that fit into your goals? What makes you happy? As they say, where you mind goes, energy flows. So be careful with your thoughts. And set specific, positive goals.


  • Short term goals – in financial terms this is usually one to five years. So maybe you are focusing on paying off a loan, saving for a deposit for a house , wedding or holiday. But be specific – For example it might be I will pay off my student loan in the next three years by paying off 300 a month.
  • Medium term goals – 5-10 years – again be specific
  • Long term goals – 10/15 years plus. The goal here might be paying off your mortgage or saving for retirement. Again be specific. What returns would you like to be getting from your investments for example ( we will cover investing once we are finished our building blocks)


Be specific with your goals and think about positive steps as to how to achieve them. There is always a way – you just may not have thought of it yet.


So take even ten minutes today to write down your goals and an idea of how you might achieve them.

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