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Day 2 – Mindset. Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.  So even if your finances are not where you would like them to be, you can learn to manage your finances now.

So todays task is to look at your relationship with money and wealth.

– Do you believe you will always have money or do you believe you will always be struggling to make ends meet?

– Do you believe you will never afford that house/car/pair of shoes or do you believe you will always have what you need and want?

– Now look at where that relationship comes from. How did your parents handle money? Did they share the responsibility of money management? How do you view debt and wealth?

Personally I have always believed that I would have enough money for what I needed.  My father passed away when I was young and my Mum managed to raise and educate 4 children on a civil service pension so I think my money beliefs largely come from her.  There was no splurging, no luxuries, no expensive holidays but we had everything we needed.   Today I don’t waste money and I think about what I spend it on. I also save and invest- all attributes my Mum would have instilled in us. Due to the early loss of my father, money management was therefore something my Mum had to do and so I grew up seeing it as my role and not the traditional male preserve.   It also made me realise that some of the best money managers are women.    So what are your beliefs? If they are negative, now is the time to change them.  And it is nevet too late, regardless of your financial position. But you have to believe you can change or improve your position and you have to be CONSISTENT.


– Spend some time today to commit to working through your money mindset.

– Figure out where your mindset has come from and commit to changing where change is needed.

– Believe you can change your financial position for the better, believe you can pay off that debt or buy that house.

– Believe that now is the time and regardless of how you have handled money in the past, you can start to take consistent action to change your situation.

Tomorrow we start looking at the documents you filed over the weekend.

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