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Day 1 – Happy New Year 🥳 to you all and well done on committing your time over this month to understanding and strengthening your financial position – it’s an act of self-care just as much as exercise is. Welcome.

So set a goal of finishing this bootcamp. Tell your friends or get them to join you. It’s good to be surrounded by like minded people.  Believe you can do it because you can. This month we are going to show you how to start to get your wealth in order.  It will require work on your part so commit now!

Our first task is to get your records in order. This is a simple exercise but it is time consuming – hence why you have the weekend to do it and in reality it may take some weeks. Try to take an hour today, tomorrow and Sunday and see how far you get.

Collect together (in separate personal and business files):
– your bank statements
– credit card statements
– savings records
– pension records
– mortgage and/or rental payments and receipts
– tax returns
– property tax records
– Insurance documents
– Investment accounts
– Any other income or expenditure records
– Will (if you have one) – if you haven’t we will be covering that in the coming months

Decide how you will file these – in paper form, electronically or in an app.  I am old school and like paper although I am increasingly keeping electronic records as you can now file tax returns online, bank online etc.  We will be analysing these files next week so it’s important to have them in order and filed in seperate folders.

How long to keep records – if you run a company, then accounting and tax files in Ireland need to be kept for 6 years. Your personal records can be kept for a shorter period but I keep everything for 7 years just in case of an audit.

Next week we will be discussing wealth mindset, goals and analysing our spending and budgeting habits. But for this weekend, let’s get organised first and let me know how you get on or if you have questions.

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